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it’s rather hard to post the stuff you don’t like.


「【なんちゃって】薔薇の描き方」/「あおいS子@ツイ廃」の漫画 [pixiv]

Especially useful for Ib fan artists like me who need a guide on roses badly



Coloured Shading Tutorial - How to pick a palette by *MadeleineStern

Otherwise known as - don’t just add black to make things darker! Wonderful advice :)

sometimes i have to remember minato is 10 years older than sieffre

and then i’m like



today it’s a good thing but sometimes it’s just


pretty boys everywhere


i’ve been looking for a place for him; he found it recently, which is really nice. these are intuan’s designs i based him off of.

i’m not sure how to feel about how these images are compressed…

a compilation of doodles. I did them all at once though. :V werk it banchou.

opera you really suck as a browser okay…

 should really change my icon to reflect my skill but ugh

I don’t really like posting my art; I don’t feel adequate enough, even now, to post it. I want to be capable of handling requests and joining groups and right now

i’m really not

i still have a long way to go 

I was lucky enough to get a invitation code to Anipan! My user number is 1401, if anyone wants to hit me up there. Anyway, this is my “debut” work, or something like that, for the site.

I’m pretty proud of it, honestly. It’s bright, but lovely.